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"MenuSys has been an integral part of our business. I use it daily to monitor performance and find areas of opportunity in our dealership."
- Dave, GSM - Williams Auto Group, Inc.
With just 2 clicks, have your reports emailed to you on a regular schedule with exactly the information you need. It just works!
Accountability is one of the most important factors in increasing performance in your dealership. The ever-increasing rate of change in the industry places more demands on management than ever before.
Criteria Selection
Our comprehensive reporting criteria uses sensible defaults to help you get results which will give you a better focus to impact your profits. The most important management quality is flexibility - bringing our reporting flexibility together with your management style produces results!
Stop paying for separate reporting tools that don't help with income development!
Reporting on what you've done is essential to moving forward and improving. With real-time reporting, you'll know instantly and be able to apply that knowledge to getting better - on the next deal! Think the DMS or a reporting company is giving you what you need? They specialize in log reports that don't tell you the whole story. We specalize in analysis reports for doing proper income development. Our reports serve as a checks & balances system and are second-to-none in quality and flexibility.

The backoffice messes with numbers in the DMS when they're shuffling money between accounts. Stop relying on the inaccurate numbers in the DMS for reports!
Inspect what you expect! Some menu providers offer countless reports. We don't compete on quantity because we know they can't compete on quality! Our reports are focused and designed to get you the information you need in a quick and easy to understand way.
Finance Summary Reports
Three variations on this report provide all of the most critical information for review of your work. A detailed analysis of product counts, penetrations, income totals, and income averages. View the traditional style finance menu
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Recap Summary Report
A detailed summary of all sales. Much like a traditional logbook, it provides one line per deal with all the information you need and an additional page with totals, counts and averages. View the traditional style finance menu
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Employee Performance Report
A summary of key performance factors broken out by employee. This has been called the perfect report for meeting. It offers 3 pages, one for each role of significance, so you'll know who the performers are at each level. View the traditional style finance menu
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We don't overwhelm you with reports that are ineffective just to say we have the most - we just give you the best reports in the industry.
Service Contract Detail Report
Detail information for service contracts sold. This includes information on products rated and contracts generated for each. View the traditional style finance menu
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GAP Analysis Report
Analysis of GAP sales performance using GAP specific criteria, including exposure. The section for not sold helps analyze each sale where exposure was high and GAP wasn't sold. View the traditional style finance menu
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We have several more reports, many of which go further in helping with income development. Logging reports that dump data aren't enough for us! We will also consider any report request and judiciously consider adding them.
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